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As a newly established franchisor, Kono Pizza London has sights set on opening locations across the Capital in both traditional kiosk formats and stand-alone stores. Our mission is to keep everything simple and affordable for Kono Pizza franchisees by offering a streamlined, manager-driven business model with a low start-up cost of £100,000-£300,000.

The Italian-inspired recipes and cooking processes are standard throughout all locations; simplifying the hiring process for franchisees (a full-time, experienced chef is not necessary). In addition, each location requires a limited staff of 8-10 part-time employees and one full-time manager.

Kono Pizza Quick Facts:
•  There are currently 130 Kono Pizza locations operating in 20 countries.
•  Kono Pizza London is looking for candidates driven by success who possess a willingness for ongoing development.
•  Kono Pizza is available in 3 different formats: 1.QSR (Quick Service Restaurant), 2.Kiosk, 3.Food Truck

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if you've read through all the information on our website and realise the potential of joining the Kono pizza family, then please do get in touch with us and we'll send you further details as to how you can beome a franchisee.

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